About Us

FT The Label was created by Fiona Tran, a content creator from the San Francisco Bay Area.

She's been passionate about the fashion industry since she was a child and always wanted to create her own clothing line. Fiona is also an avid shopper, so during her countless shopping trips, she noticed that there were always some details that she didn't like or saw opportunity in concepts that she could improve.

FT The label is a ready-to-wear clothing line for women who consider themselves to be the modern individualist seeking elegance and romance. 

A message from our CEO, Fiona Tran:

"FT The Label is a very personal project for me. I designed this clothing line for the modern individualist seeking elegance and romance. However, while I tackle this project, I also want to prioritize prominent issues in the fashion industry. Working in an industry notorious for being one of the biggest offenders in pollution and child labor, I not only want to create exquisite clothing, but also to make a difference. My goals of sustainability and ethical labor at an affordable price point are definitely a work in progress that won't happen overnight or tomorrow. However, with time and patience as I scale my business up from a one-woman operation, I hope to become a mogul in setting these goals as the standard for thousands of other retail companies - big or small."